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Photo School with Clarence Johnson Productions
Personalized one-on-one Photographic Instruction now available
At your location!!           At your convenience!!
clarence johnson productions
Images for the 21st Century
Intro to Photography
You have a vision! Got a fancy DSLR camera or a point and shoot, but not
the technical know how to transform what you see into a beautiful photo?
We've got you covered!!!!!

Unlock the mysteries of f-stops and shutter speeds, talk ISO's and
learn the who and why of all the buttons and screens on your camera.

Realize all of your creative potential. Be inspired and informed.
Learn to utilized all the tools at your disposal!

Private One Hour Secessions Available
At your location

In this secession, we learn to manipulate the creative
controls of your camera.

Understand shutter speed, ISO and f-stop and the creative
controls they provide.

Essential skills for Vacation, Sports, Portrait and Event

$95.00 per hour